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    One element you have overlooked is the hub bias of legacy airlines doing long haul. If you take the UK and BA — it is not now a national airline but a capital city airline and for the main part only a single airport airline. The US might be different in that each of th3 three main groups have a number of hub airports. However they all have a focus and this offers the opportunities that any new LH-LCC could exploit. Then comes the real low cost element — if the network of tomorrow is to be a complex spiders web than the simpler hub and spoke layout of today then new types of planes will be required. LH Legacy is based on carting at least 125T of OEW between two huge airports for onward SH distribution. LH-LCC will need something a lot lighter to make things work. We currently have one data point — 50T of OEW will get you a range of 4K NM nominal for 190 mixed seats and the market has noticed. How would things change if 60T of OEW could get you out to 5K NM range or 70T OEW took you to 6K NM range? All part of the current MoM’ster dance.


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